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Administrative Programmes

Office Management Skills

Electronic Records Management

Enhanced skills for PAs and Administrators

Effective Communication Skills

Time Management

Assertiveness and Stress Management

Report Writing and Presentation Skills

Research Methodology and Data analysis

Events Management

Effective Negotiation Skills

Effective Conflict Resolution Skills

Mining Programmes

Mining Law

Good Governance and CSR in Mining

Mining Surveying

Surface Mapping Management

Exploration Management

Exploitation Management

Wire Logging and Interpretation

Stream sediment Sampling

Health and Safety in the Mining Industry

Surface Mining Analysis

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Concepts

Advanced Crushing and Grinding Techniques

Applied Ethics in Exploration and Mining

Analysis of Mining Financials

Mining Sustainable Development

Blast Design and Assessment for Surface Mines and Quarries

Governance and Legislative Programmes

Anti-Corruption, Integrity and Corporate Governance

Strategic Corruption Control and Organisational Integrity

Drafting Legal Documents

Key Skills for Effective Governance

Effective Public Policy and Delivery

Court Management and Judiciary Administration

Policy Analysis and Strategic Implementation

Parliamentary Administration

Legal Compliance Monitoring

Ethical Issues in the Judiciary systems

Anti-Money Laundering Strategies

Strategies for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

Public Policy and Administrative Governance

Policy Analysis for Parliamentarians and Policy Makers

Litigation and Arbitration

Management of Deceased Estates and Trust

Anti-Corruption, Bribery and Fraud

English Language Proficiency for Translators and Interpreters 1

English Language Proficiency for Translators and Interpreters 2

Legal Terminology for Translators and Interpreters

Finance Programmes

Banking Programmes

Policy Auditing in Central Banks

Central Banks supervision and anti-money laundering strategies

Financial crimes and anti-money laundering strategies

Fraud Detection and Prevention in Banks

Banking Policy Formulation and management

Human Resources Management in Development in Banks

Central Bank and Monetary Policy Management

Challenges of Banks Failures and alignment to Central Banks

Foreign Exchange Controls, Framework and Management

Managing Securities and Capital Markets

Monetary Policy Formulation and Implementation

E-Banking Products Analysis

Project Management Programmes

Project Management

Project Management for Donor Funded Projects

Monitoring and Evaluation of Developmental Projects

Project Planning and Implementation

Project Management

Managing Project Teams

Advanced Project Planning and Implementation

Project Formulation and Feasibility Study Analysis

Computer Application For Project Management

Public Works Project Management

Managing Microfinance Project

Agricultural Development and Sustainability Programmes

Rural Development and Extension Management

Advanced Agricultural project management Strategies

Agricultural Development Management

Poverty Alleviation: Challenges, Policies and Strategies

Decentralisation and Community Driven Development

Decentralisation and Urban Infrastructure Management

Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Managing Sustainable Rural Development

Integrated Natural Resource Management

Land Governance for Sustainable Development

Public Policies and Rural Development in Africa

Strategies for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

Procurement and Logistics Programmes

Transport and Logistics Management

Fleet Management

Supply Chain Management

Contracts Management

Procurement Fraud Prevention

Tender Management Procedures

Fundamentals of Procurement

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Production and Inventory Management

Financial Aspects of Procurement

Public Procurement, Supply Chain and Contracts Management

Procurement Monitoring and Evaluation

Human Resources, Labour Relations and Leadership Programmes

Conflict Management

Training Management and training needs analysis

Strategic Management Development

Strategic Performance Management

Leadership/Development Management

Effective and Dynamic Role of Modern Trade Union

Labour Market Information Systems

Labour relations and Law

Personnel management

Office Management Skills for Executive Personnel

Human Resources Information systems-Computerised HR

Performance appraisal Strategies

Human Resources Development

Strategic Management

Leadership Management and Development

Strategic Human Resources Management

Public Relations and Personnel Management

Effective Supervision skills in Modern Workplace Environment

Effective, Coaching, Counselling and mentoring Supervisors

Employee Welfare, Wellness and Motivation

Economics Programmes

Policy Formulation and Implementation

Macroeconomic Forecasting and Projections

Applied Research Methodology in Economic Analysis

Macroeconomic Management and Policies for Senior Officials

Labour Market Information Systems

Balance of Payment Statistics

Tax Policy and Tax Administration

Strategic Planning and Risk Assessment in Revenue Management

Macroeconomic Policy Management

Macroeconomic Forecasting and Projections

Economic Modelling and Forecasting

Sales, Marketing and PR Programmes

Public Relations and Customer Care

Public Relations, Communication and Organisational Reputation Management

Customer focussed marketing

New Product Development and Marketing management

Developing and Managing Customer Base

Essential Skills For Marketing Staff

Consumer Behaviour

Advertising and Brand Management

Market research and Product Development

International Marketing

Public Relations and Corporate Social Investment

Public Relations Presentation and Elocution Skills

Sales and Marketing Management

Information Technology Programmes

Computer Networks Administration and Management

IT security and Cybercrime Prevention

Electronic Records Management

Systems Analysis and Design

Java Script

Website design and Publishing

Computer Fraud and Security/ IT Audit

IT Strategy and Strategic Information Management

Human Resource Information Systems

Energy, Oil, and Gas Programmes

Petroleum Data Management

Managing Petroleum Projects

Petroleum Testing and Analysis

Energy Management and Sustainable Development

Petroleum Industry Analysis

Tourism, Hospitality and Conservation Programmes

Applied Sustainable Tourism Management

Collaborative Environmental Governance

National Parks and Wildlife Management

Community Based Natural Resources Management

Applied Anti-Poaching Strategies

Ecotourism Venturing

Conservation Conflict Management

Hotel Management

Front Office Operations

Housekeeping Procedures

Media, Communications and Journalism Programmes

Media Advocacy

Media Communication and Advocay

Parliamentary Reporting and Editing

Print Media and Broadcasting Management

Public Relations, Communications and Organisation Reputation Management

Stakeholder Communications Management

Effective Communication Skills

Environmental Management Programmes

Integrated Waste Management

Environemental Law Analysis

Introduction to Managing Environmental Data with MS Access

Assessing Environmental Impact of Industrialisation

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Developing a Community Environmental plan

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management

Environmental Management Strategies

GIS Application in Planning and Resource Management

Community Based Natural Resources Planning and Management

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Advanced Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management

Integrated Water Resources Management

Natural Resource Management

Integrated Environmental Management

Advanced Environmental Management Programme

Energy Management and Sustainable Development

Environmental Management Systems and Auditing Programme